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With Over 5000 Security Systems in use today, our valued customers count on us to provide quality video surveillance products and support at affordable prices. DMS
makes the difference!
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Security Camera Systems

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Remote Viewing DVR's

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Full Professional Surveillance Systems with Installation!

We work with each customer to design an Affordable DVR System, complete with Security Cameras and Remote Viewing features (via modem, network or Internet). Each Digital Video Recorder is tested with Security Cameras attached. DMS’s skilled Professionals will provide Installation and setup. Each of DMS Security’s customers enjoy professional technical support.

Powerful, DieHard Performance!

The DMS Embedded Digital Video Recorders offer powerful performance and Die Hard reliability through their embedded operating system. With built-in multiplexers and PTZ functions, the DMS Embedded DVR replaces traditional analog Multiplexer/VCR combinations in both price and performance.

The DMS DVR features a triplex monitoring function that allows Play, Recording and Playback through RMS (remote software) at the same time. Playback of Security Cameras is easily switched to any camera using the individual camera buttons. Additional features such as Fast Forward, Rewind, and Image-by-Image playback make finding any image a snap.

Advanced Security Camera System Features!

View all Cameras Simultaneously in Real Time.

Full Motion Detection 
Setup detection areas, adjust sensitivity. You can also set automatic alarms if motion is detected.

Powerful Search Capabilities 
Search by Day/Time/Camera, find the video you need, right away!

Remote Viewing 
Full TCP/IP Remote Interface. Simply login and view your security cameras from anywhere on the planet with an Internet connection.

We have included a CD-Writer to backup your important video files you have collected.

Discover the powerful benefits of using our Security Cameras and Security Camera Systems!



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